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Our range of finest sterling silver and silver plate cutlery offer the discerning buyer the chance to purchase classic English designs of the highest calibre that, with reasonable care, will last for many generations.

Patterns vary to cater to a variety of tastes: from the elegant simplicity of 
Old English and Rattail with either 3 or 4 prong Forks and Pistol Knives to the more ornate designs of Victorian Bead and Kings.

Our solid sterling silver cutlery is independently hallmarked by the British Assay Office to confirm its purity and our silver plate EPNS is given a high-micron silver coating to last many decades.  

Wedding Lists

As the perfect heirloom, sterling silver and silver plate cutlery are obvious choices for an enduring wedding gift. Glazebrook & Co are delighted to offer a wedding list service tailored to your needs.
Please call us directly to discuss your requirements.



Our “Old English” and “Fiddle” designs  lend themselves well to the addition of an engraved crest or initials. We would be happy to discuss this with you.